Erectile Dysfunctions

Erectile Dysfunctions Overview

What are erectyle dysfunctions (ED)? This is an inability to have an erection sufficient for sexual penetration. Erectile dysfunction is usualy known as impotence.
Instead, medically, this term is used to properly differentiate this specific form of impotence from other problems that interfere with sexual life.
Please note that there is other forms of impotence, i.e. lack of sexual desire, problem with orgasm and with ejaculation too. Fortunately the erectile dysfunction is treatable in all age groups, and treatment includes using medication (notably Viagra) and penile implants.
Erectile dysfunction can be a problem for men in every part of the world. Indeed an happy sexual life can be considered a necessity in the present day.

While erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, of course the risk of this increases with age.
According to the Denver Study, the erectile dysfunction is at least 50% in men 45 - 65 years old. We suggest you to call a doctor or a pharmacist to discuss about this.
Erectile dysfunction can be solved with drug (i.e. Viagra) or with a naturally cure.
A large part of men can have problems with erections from time to time. But when this happens it is very difficult to accept. Consequently the ED can happen when health problems limit blood flow or damage nerves in the penis.

At any rate, the common cause of Erectile dysfunction is caused by stress or emotional reasons, for example when the man is not very excited. With this site we want certainly help everybody to have a knowledge of the situation.
An ED may occur with or without other sexual dysfunction: the most common situation includes a decreased libido (it means a decreased interest in sexual activity).

To sum up If you can’t keep your blood sugar or your blood pressure under your complete control, you will have an erectile dysfunction. You can be helped if you take your medicines or drugs for this big problem.

How Erection Works

The erection works in a complicated way. The usual situation is to have the penis soft and limp. But fortunately men have a power: the erection.
During sex, nerve messages usually release chemicals that increase the blood flow into a specific part of our body called penis.

As you well know, the blood flows can increase the corpus cavernosum in the penis. Furthermore, the pressure of the blood is very important to have a long and strong erection. Nevertheless it's impossible to have erections for days because after having an orgasm the blood flows out and the erection is lost for hours or sometimes for days.

This situation is very frustrating because a boy wants have a long erection to have sex with his women. It is very interesting the interview of Doctor Smith, in the California: he told us the the science can not explain in the correct way about how erection works.
It is very difficult to describe but our body is very complicated and men psyche can have a significant role in the story.